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About Mike Booth

Mike Booth Kinetic ArtistAt school drawing was an escape and a refuge. Art College felt like coming home, and during three years at Falmouth doing a Fine Art course I discovered all sorts of ways in which Art could be made to move.

Then it was the Royal College of Art and an MA in Experimental Light and Sound and Environmental Media (they couldn’t decide what to call us), attached to the Stained Glass Department (they couldn’t think where to put us). I had the rare distinction of having some of my work stolen from my degree show and this was followed by teaching in art colleges and exhibiting (ICA, Royal Court Upstairs, Serpentine Gallery, Arts Council Touring Exhibition, Angela Flowers).

However I really wanted to find out if I could earn a living as an artist/craftsman, and I handed in my notice as Head of the Mixed Media Department at Wimbledon College of Art. Subsequent years were spent weaving together art and craft to make products (such as carpets and clocks) that would appeal to the general public and to my own curiosity and need for novelty.

I made enough money to survive but not to thrive. Then Life took over. I built a house, started a school, grew a horticultural business, shared in the bringing up of six children and developed a career as a psychotherapist. Art was on the back burner until recently when time and circumstances have given me the freedom to re-immerse myself in the current work.

Kinetic, Art, Solar, Pictures, Moving Images