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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the pictures Prints or One-offs?
Answer: Some are limited edition prints. Others like the Polarised Images are un-reproducible! Each are priced accordingly.

How does the sun make your pictures move?
Answer: Each picture has small solar panels attached to the back, which produce a small amount of electricity, sufficient to drive a small motor built into the picture.

Do the Polarising Filters really create colours?
Answer: Yes, Polarised light has the quality of interacting with certain materials (called Birefringent materials) such as clear acetate sheet to produce a range of colours dependent on the orientation of the filters.

Do the solar-powered pictures need to be in full sun to work?
Answer: They are best placed on a south-facing windowsill on the little feet provided. However the pictures will work even in conditions of light cloud.

Are the pictures very expensive to run?
Answer: All the mains powered pictures use LEDs as a light source. These have an exceptionally low use of power.

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